A Brief History and Land Marks of Erode IMA

As a very small town, better a big village in 1949 Erode had only CSI Hospital, small Government 20 bedded Hospital and a few private practitioners to cater the modern medical needs of all people in and around Erode Taluk. It was with the great efforts of these doctors, IMA Branch was born for the first time in a Taluk Head Quarters at Erode in 1949. Dr. Welford of CSI Hospital was Charter President and Dr. NC. Kuppusamy was the Charter Secretary who was moving spirit behind the effort. They were well supported by Dr. L.K. Muthusamy, Dr. M. Narayana shenoy and Dr. Balasubramaniam of Bhavani. A grand and memorable First Annual Day was conducted which was attended by more than 70 doctors all over the district. Thereafter Erode IMA was taken care of by stalwarts of Erode, Dr. L.K. Muthusamy, a great little man, true Gandhiyan, loved and respected by everyone at Erode. Dr. M. Narayana Shenoy, a pleasing personality, who always readily accepted any assignment given to him. He served as IMA Secretary continuously for 12 years and as President for 5 years. Dr. Balasubramaniam of Bhavani, was a very nice gentleman, soft spoken, willing to serve readily. They conducted First State IMA Council Meeting and get-together which was attended by more than 300 delegates. CSI Hospital was the main centre for scientific activities of IMA on those days.

Then very active and enthusiastic postgraduate qualified doctors came in and took care ofIMA. A bold efficient surgeon, always young in spirit and sportive Dr. K.M. Nallasamy who used to conduct interesting and good clinical meetings with presentation of his cases regularly in his hospital. Likewise a well disciplined and popular surgeon Dr. N.S.K. Swamy; popular Pediatrician, Dr. K.A.S. Ammanullah who is always willing to take up any responsibility and do it successfully; he arranged interesting and informative meetings at Erode and sometimes at nearby towns which were attended by good number of members with grand dinners. Lovable and perfect Ophthalmologist Dr. N.B. Sambamoorthy; renowned and respected surgeon of CSI Hospital Dr. S.E. Paul; still our teacher, an encyclopedia of Medicine, Prof. Dr. C.H. Sivaraman; entertaining and friendly Dr. P. Chennakesavalu of Perundurai are a few to be mentioned. All of them have done lot for the growth of our Association. They conducted regular scientific meetings. The Erode Medical Supplies which was started by our doctors headed by Dr. L.K.Muthusamy was not only catering the facilities of Pharmacy and modern investigations but also was the main venue for doctors meeting. Many eminent persons of our profession were invited from all over Tamil Nadu and nearby states for high class scientific deliberations. During their period they conducted 2nd State Council Meetings which were attended by good number of doctors and they thoroughly enjoyed Erode Hospitality.

Middle of Seventies is another Golden period of EIMA. In 1978 for the first time we conducted very successfully 32nd Tamil Nadu State IMA Medical Conference when I was President and Dr. A. Sundararaj was Secretary. When the idea of conducting the conference was given, everyone was hesitant to take it up, but I was determined to go ahead with it with the help of eminent elders. Immediately we thought of meeting Dr. L K.Muthusamy who gave us courage and helped personally throughout our endeavours. Almost every day I used to go to his house and pick up few senior members like Dr. N.B. Sambamoorthy, Dr. K.A.S. Amanullah, Dr. A. Sundararaj and others and went almost too every shop and bigger institutions to collect money for souvenir. We had an opportunity to visit number of times our colleagues for this purpose. It was a great experience. Dr. L K.Muthusamy the Chairman of the conference was solely responsible to collect a good sum and we saved about Rs. 85,000/- out of it. The first IMA Building Committee was formed and I had the privilege to be its Secretary for more than seven years.

During Dr. V.K. Muthusamy's Presidentship and with the co-operation and support of Dr. P. Ilango, Dr. Thiruneelakandan, Dr. C. Thangavelu and myself we invested the money on a land near Karur Bye-Pass Road which was later sold to Rs. 1.80 Lakhs and was added to the Building fund With Dr. V. Jeevanantham as the President in 1983-84, we released EIMA folder for the first time by which all our members were well informed of our activities. Again with his great effort we could release a Souvenir which fetched about 32 Thousand rupees adding to our Building Fund.

1984 to 85, Dr. K.R. Balasubramaniam, framed the Constitution for our Branch and helped our association to get registered under Societies Registration Act. The great effort of Erode doctors in 1987 the Property Tax hike to the Hospitals and Nursing Homes was cancelled by TN. Govt.

Later came a dynamic, very enthusiastic, capable and efficient team of young doctors in 1989-90. Dr. V.P. Ravindran as President and Dr. S. Karuppannan as Secretary supported by Dr. C. Thangavelu, Dr. K.V. Durairaj, Dr. C. Durairaj, Dr. Manivannan, Dr. G.P. Subramaniam, Dr. A. Balasubramaniam, Dr. S.M. Balasubramaniam and others formed Erode IMA Trust in 1990. By their tremendous work which one could not imagine, they collected a huge amount of about Rs. 40 Lakhs from Doctors and Public and put up the present magnificent our IMA Building which is no doubt is our pride. What a wonderful team effort of these young people? Hats off to all of them. I know how much they worked for it every day with all strains, discouragements from few and encouragements from many. They deserve lot of appreciation and praise. Their success is being approved and appreciated by everyone who visit our premises.

Following the idea of Dr. V. Jeevanandham during Dr. Nirmala Balasubramaniam and S.S. Sukumar's period an improved form of the present Monthly EIMA Bulletin was released and continuedthereafter. Since then it is being shaped so well and now it gets the apprceiation throughout India. All credit goes to Dr. N.Ganapathy, Dr. S.A. ShabirAhamed and Dr. D.K. Manoharan who have done the job so well. They are also responsible for enrolling maximum life members to IMA and also made the PPLSS Scheme popular. Due to Dr. K.R.Balasubramaniam and the efforts of others our Assocition's voice is heard all over the state and we could achieve much out of it.

The trend set by Doctors of CSI Hospital, Dr. K.M. Nallasamy, Dr. N.S.K. Samy and others in the early days, namely presentation of cases and papers by our members in clinical meetings were revived by Dr. K.V. Dorairaj, Dr. S. Karuppannan, Dr. M. Pasupathy, Dr. C.N. Raja and others. They regularly share their experiences with us. I wish many should come forward by recording cases and present the interesting ones in our meetings.

State level recognition and awards for our Branch came for the first time in 1980-81. When Dr. V.K. Muthusamy, Dr. Thiruneelakandan and Dr. P. Mango were office bearers. They bagged State Best Branch Award and maximum number of Members Enrollment Award. In 1989-90, Dr. V.P. Ravindran and Dr. M. Karuppannan got 2nd Best Major Branch Award and many more. During Dr. S. Karuppannan and Dr. K.V. Durairaj period in 1991-92 and Dr. S.S. Sukumar and Dr. N. Ganapathy as office bearers they brought many laurels to our Branch with the recognition at State and National Level which is enlisted separately. We expect much more from untiring, persistant and calm Dr. S.S. Sukumar, our Conference Chairman, we are sure he will prove his mettle which he has already done on many occasions. In recognition of his work he has been nominated as a Standing Committee Member for Rural Health IMA Head Quarters, New Delhi and Advisory Committee Member for Journal of IMA, Kolkatta. Our best wishes to him.

Now it is the Golden ERO of our Association. Well planned and systematic work of Dr. S.S. Sukumar and Dr.N. Ganapathy a man with novel ideas and result oriented performance. DrS.A.Shabir Ahmed who is always eager to achieve his goals and capable of making people to work with him. Dr. D.K. Manoharan is calm but aggressive at his work. Service to society is in his blood. This was revealed by his spontaneous participation in the earth quake relief work at Gujarat. All their efforts taken for the celebration of Golden Jubilee - ERO GOLD IMA -55 will create another land mark in the annals of IMA Erode Branch.

Throughout the history of Erode IMA, our good work has been recognized and appreciated. So far we were given chances to host 4 State Council Meetings and 2 State Conferences. Dr. K. Balasubramaniam of Bhavani was elected as State Vice-President in 1984. Dr. K.R. Balasubramaniam was elected as State Joint Secretary for Quackery Eradication Committee (1992-95) and then in 1996 as Vice -President-West Zone. His bold and planned Quackery Eradication Programme is being appreciated by one and all throughout India. In appreciation, DrKumaraguru Award for Best Community Service (Quackery Eradication) was awarded to Erode IMA. I always wonder how he could collect so much facts and figures in any of his ventures. Probably in recognition of his work he has been elected to the prestigious post the Tamil Nadu State President of IMA unanimously.

All these great achievements of our Branch are the collective efforts of every member of our IMA Branch and more so of the office bearers who toiled for our Association at least for 2-3 years during their office unmindful of the criticisms and loss of some of their fortune and time.

Hope I have given what I know about our IMA. I would have left over unintentionally someone who would have done good work for IMA. All the greatness achieved by IMA is ours. We are proud of it.

Long Live IMA…